Erector Masters: Construction Consultant

Company Profile

Our Mission is to Organized, Train
and Integrate young Adults into
The Labor Force. We ensure to deliver Efficient
Performance to our clients while maintaining
Highest Standards Of Safety.

Led by Amin Soriano, 809 Solutions LLC has been providing quality sidewalk shed & scaffolding installation as well as temporary fence installation since 2010. We also provide education and training in diverse construction trades.  Previous projects include: Assisted Gramercy Group USA in the demolition of the International Market Place by erecting the scaffold for the Miramar Hotel, a $400M project. In addition to The Queens DEP Water Towers Demolitions. We installed sidewalk shed in multiple NYC, NYU locations. These projects ranged from $10K-$40K. Our safety policy has zero tolerance for unsafe behavior. Safety training and education is ingrained in our DNA, Because of this we’ve had no accidents since our company was founded in 2010. Our EMR is less than 1.0 and our loss run for G/L & W/C Is 0.0

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Portfolio of Standards

Consultant for Scaffolding Installation.
Consultant for Sidewalk shed Installation.
Construction Labor Force Training and capacity Building in:

Torch Operator (G60) 92%
Fire Guardd (F60) 97%
Scaffolding Installer 95%
SideWalk Shed Installer 95%

Competitive Difference

  • Team Mobilization for Emergency Work.
  • Deep Experience in more than 8 trades.
  • Team and Operations Specialist in Welding Scaffolding and Sidewalk Shed Trades.
  • UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future.

Recent Projects


The Team Of Erector Masters headed out to Pittsburgh to complete a Scaffolding job at the Frick Building. This Job consisted in the following

Baruch College New York City

The Team Of Erector Masters headed out to NYC to complete a Scaffolding job at the Baruch College. This Job consisted in the following


The Team Of Erector Masters headed out to NYC to Remove a Steel Tank in the area of Queens. This Job consisted in the following

Scaffold Erector for the Miramar Hotel

The Miramar Hotel in Honolulu was a 400m Project in which we assisted by providing  and erecting the Scaffold for this Location 


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